Material - oil clay(600g) , painted iron plate and color MDF
Size - 300 .300 .1,100 (mm)
Completion - 2016

‘TIME - Tangibility’ is an interactive installation. The user is encouraged to engage with their innate biological time clock. The initial block of clay indicates the amount of time in a day. The alarm is set off depending on the volume of the clay that is put on the scale. The user divides the clay into pieces of different sizes in line with their planned activities of the day. Time is judged literally through our physical senses.

Everyday, we are given a time of one day.

Divide the clay of one day into several pieces according to the time required for each activity.

Intuitively understand the different amount of time for each activity.

Choose one for the first thing to do. Put one clay on the scale and spend time as long as the piece of clay means.

Various weights make different distances between the scale and the distance sensor.

Depending on the weight, the buzzer and the bulb respectively start beeping and lighting in certain time. Those pieces of the clay are measured and each piece has the different length of time. The length of time is displayed in tangible method by using a spring balance. Such tangibility of time helps people better understand time by touching and quantifying the clay. Moreover, people could gain the com- plete focus on what to do and how long to do it.

When hearing beep sound in some min- utes, choose the next clay for next activity.

Alarm time , sample data

3hours 17 mins
5hours 51mins
4hours 50mins
10hours 24mins

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