Material - Timber wood, metal, MDF sheet, Motors
Size - 2000 .700 .1,000 (mm)
Completion - 2017
My main duty in this group : Ideation and programming

Exhibition -
'Open senses Festival' London, UK (20/5/2017 - 21/5/2017)

Video by Flinn Griff

A single or multiplayer proprioceptive game trusting your senses listening and feeling sound.

by Hangna Koh and Taeyoung Choi

How to play

1. Choose a marker
2. Stand in front of canvas with eyes viased
3. Follow the sound with the marker

* Don' t be scared to move accross the whole board and draw continous lines, dots, broken lines, shapes.

Nagative Monochrome Image of participants' movement
based on their proprioception

Copyright © 2013 by Teddictive, Taeyoung Choi