Taeyoung Choi (Teddy Choi)

is an artist and researcher who explores the intersection of art, technology, and experience. His practice and research that investigate tangible interactive forms of human compute interaction attempt to explore the symbiotic relationship between computational systems and human that goes beyond the barrier between analog and digital. Rather than focusing on making technology easy to use, sexy, and consumable, his work opens debate and discussion about the kind of futur people want (and do not want).

Choi received his BA from Daegu University’s Industrial Design department, his MA from Royal Colleg of Art’s Information Experience Design programme. Choi has an international career in new media art practices. His works have been exhibited in United Kingdom, South Korea, and Germany, including Quantum Art conference at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), ACI conference at the Open University. He has participated in a two years design residency programme KDM at the DGDC, Korea.

MA. Information Experience Design (2018) Royal College of Art
/ UK

BA. Industrial Design (2015) Daegu University
/ South Korea

Exchange Student_winter term (2009)  University of British Columbia
/ Canada

Kinetic Object Designer _ Future Retail Team (2021_Present)
/ South Korea

Freelancing Designer _ Teddictive Studio (2020_2021)
/ South Korea

Directing Manager _ Matchdaytour Youtube Channel (2018_2020)
/ UK & South Korea 

System Research Group (2016_2017)
Royal College of Art & University of Bristol
/ UK

Co founder _ Tikitiboo Design Studio (2014_2016)
/ South Korea

6th member _ Korea Design Membership (2013_2015) / South Korea


Monthly Design ‘Info Trump Chair’ 2013
Modern Decoration ‘1.5 Chair’ 2016
RCA main webpage 2018


Kwangju Design Biennale ‘Nostalgia’ 2013, South Korea
Daegu Design Exhibition ‘Upcycling’ 2013, South Korea
Seoul Design Festival ‘Cooti studio’ 2013, South Korea
Seoul Design Living Fair ‘Yami’ 2014, South Korea
DID Degree show ‘OVERLAP’ 2014, South Korea
‘Emotion’ Festival 2016, Germany
Animal Computer Interaction 2016, UK
Quantum Computer Art ‘Measured Matter’ 2017, UK
Opensense ‘oto’ 2017, UK
RCA Working in progress show ‘See you in a bit’ 2018, UK
OXO Bargehouse 4482 'Butterfly Effect' 2018, UK
RCA Degree show 'Without Politeness' 2018, UK
Safehouse “Hey Siri What Am I doing?” 2018, UK
OXO Bargehouse 4482 ‘The other side of Moon’ 2019, UK
KCCUK ‘The ways to experience’ 2019, UK
ITTA SPACE ‘Side Sleepers’ 2019, South Korea


'Hot in Daegu' 2015, South Korea
Queenmama Market Dosan Park 2015, South Korea
SsshakeApp ‘Music night’ 2017, UK
Collaborative project 2017 with the British Museum, UK
Kinsu 'Creative Party' 2018, UK
‘Distructive Market 2019 Workshop with KIDP’ Innovation and Design Engineering RCA, UK
Helly Hansen [HH] Beijing Store 2021, China
SKP Department Store Shanghai_Select shop 2022, China
Los Angeles GENTLE MONSTER Flagship Store Renewal 2022, US
GENTLE MONSTER x Son Heung Min Pop_up Store 2022, South Korea
GENTLE MONSTER ‘Bold Collection’ Pop_up Store 2023, South Korea


ZDLab, South Korea
Moi Design Studio, South Korea


Lotte Department Store, Daegu, South Korea (3rd place)
PIN-UP international design competition (Merit Award)
'Best project', Daegu University, South Korea
'Short-list', The Future of Money 2017 by WorldPay, UK
‘Short-list’ 4482 & ITTA Award 2019, UK
KCCUK OPEN CALL Funding Winner 2019, UK


Quantum Computer Art 2017, Victoria and Albert Museum [V&A] , UK
Artist Talk “Hey Siri, What Am I Doing?” 2018, Korean Cultural Center London, UK
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