Material - Perspex, MDF
Size - 600 .600 .2,080 (mm)
Completion - 2017
My main duty in this group : 3D Projection Mapping, interaction

Systems Research Group, Royal College of Art
-Taeyoung Choi
-Thibaut Evrard
-Louis Schreyer
-Marcela Uribe

QET Labs, University of Bristol
-Janna Hinchliff
-Dom Moylett

Conference - 'V&A museum’ London, UK (11/5/2017)
Exhibition - 'Entangled'  London, UK (18/5/2017- 20/5/2017)

Personal Proposal

“Symbiosis of humanity and digital environment”
Taeyoung Choi (Teddy)

I have been experimenting and researching the relationship between the digital and humans.
As the quantum computer analyses an extensive amount of data simultaneously and finds unprecedented patterns that provide the possibility for making viable conclusions. This seems very similar to how humans come up with ideas and answers by looking into a question, and subconsciously processing inputs.

Through this opportunity to experiment with a relationship between computers and humans , aiming to create symbiosis of humanity and digital environment, I aim to explore Quantum Computers as the medium/environment of the future age.

In Measured Matter (above) Marcela Uribe Fores, Louis Schreyer, Thibaut Evrard and Taeyoung Choi play with the idea of a virtual quantum column, one that deconstructs under interaction, as a way of representing the idea that everything is information, and information is also physical.

Quantum theory completely restores the way we understand the world, and the relevance of the development of quantum computing technology is that it wold be the channel to bring all this weirdness to our classical world. So in that way, this column generated by a quantum theoretical state (triggered by measurements)  would be representing the destruction of every classical understanding of the world, using the column as a physical symbol of certainty, knowledge, heritage, and structure. Columns are always “holding” reality, keeping things up.

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