Material - Plastic and painted iron pipe
Size - 300 .300 .1,800 (mm)
Completion - 2015

Space and time study concerns the notion of time, where the experience of time can be rich and diverse in relation to the space, but has become restricted by the industrial use for human advancement. For the sake of efficiency and development, humans have inevitably become confined to this system of measuring time.

In today’s digital era, this has come to near perfection - every hour, every minute, every second, even the smallest microsecond is measurable. However, the more precisely we can measure time, the more quantified and mechanized the experience of time also becomes.

The laser turns at a consistent pace, but changes according to the properties and the form of the surface or the space it passes through. This movement of the laser signifies the prolongment of time, and the experience of ‘time’ as a subject of focus in relation to the space, rather than simply as a measuring unit.

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