Material - paper bag and plastic jar
Size - 100 .80 .200 (mm)
Completion - 2013

Background_ Psychological hunger
Unconsciously eating is one of the major causes of obesity. Getting a lot of stress from work, study and others, people are more likely to overeat foods without thinking how many calories foods have such as snacks.
It is because eating to feel satisfied and to end psycological hunger mostly depends on the quantity of the food, not the calories in them.

No clue to know the each amount of food
“Purchase 100 Kcals energy”

Each bag has the different amount
“Unpack and check the amount”

Don’t think about the amount, Just focus on how much kcals you have.
“Get the amount of food that contains 100Kcals”

If the quantity of each piece of food is measured by proper kcals and served to people in same sized package, people can easily compare the various quantities of the foods that differ according to the proper kcals, 100 kcals.
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