Material - Color MDF and Acrylic
Size - 600 .650 .700 (mm)
Completion - 2016

A chair is originally to have a seat on it, while many people usually put things down on a chair because the chair has a proper shape to put something on it. When putting those objects, the chair only needs to have the silhouette of chair ,not the durability which is strong enough for one’s sitting.

‘1.5 chair _ Object’ has two parts ,’1’ and ‘0.5’, One for person and the other 0.5 for objects. The‘1.5 chair_Object’ has ‘durability’ and ‘shape’ for sitting. These properties are defined as ‘1’ due to it’s completeness. On the other hand, when putting an object on a chair, The chair need only it’s silhouette. I defined this feature as ‘0.5’.

'Decimal Point' Project'

I think objects exist in digital way while people use the objects in analogue ways of thinking. The objects are generally understood and counted as natural numbers like 1 or 2 depending on the number of them. On the other hand, people unconsciously use the object in the analogue way, not in the way of natural number known as perfect number. When they are given objects consisting of decimal places, Only then can people use the objects in analogue ways, which enables people to experience the most natural and unprecedented usability of them. In addition, this experimental research is expected to be a good case study for a real issue like a less communication of people or an oversupply in the market. Finally, this project I believe aligns the way for objects to exist and people’s viewpoint on the objects by including dec- imal places into the rela- tionship between people and objects.
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