Cointreau (20ml)
Bailey’s ‘chocolate’ (20ml)
Kahlua ‘coffee’ (20ml)
Three straws

As human’s capacity of perception hardly gets out of an A4 sized paper, the A4 became the most popular format for reading and editing.
On the paper, a confined space, people mostly read an article from left top to right bottom.
This reading method had been taken by most people and fixed for thousands years until the first ‘Computer mouse’ and ‘Hypertext’ were invented respectively in 1960‘s and in late 1980’s.
The computer mouse allowed us to fly over a computer screen and the hypertext made it possible to get out of the A4 sized formats, expanding our perception.
And this logic can be adapted to drinks.

What about drinks?
In comparison with meals, drinks are more susceptible to things that hold the liquids.
As a typical object to hold liquids, cups are generally within the size of mouth of mankind.
When you are drinking from a cup, liquids on the top firstly follow the inclined plane of the cup unless you use a straw (in this case, liquids on the bottom goes into your mouth as first.)
For those reasons, people had to follow the fixed-order of liquids in a cup even if it was a multi-layered cocktail.

The HYPERTASTE, adopting the logic of hypertext, is a three layered cocktail with three straws at each layer.
This cocktail enables you to freely compose your own way of tasting, where- as ordinary multi-layered cocktails serves different flavours in a fixed order.
As if hypertext expanded a way of approaching to information, the Hyer- taste suggests and expands a diversity of tasting.
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