Material - 3D printed body, metal link, servo motor, power supply, webcam.

Size - 260 . 260 . 400 (mm)

Exhibition - Working in Progress Show @ Goldsmith University

Artist : Suhyun Nam (Art Direction)
*Technical Support : Taeyoung Choi (Ideation, 3D Model & Programming)

- Robotic skeleton head with face tracking eye mechanism.


I don’t think androids will ever be humans but they will look exactly like us. That’s what is intriguing. What scares me about that we develop the technology to create machines in our own image is that human-like robots always make me to believe that they are in-between machine and human categories. The fact that it took the shape of humans is not what scares people – it’s the fact we cannot stop believing the most likely one that can belong to the human category after human might not be any other species but the human-like robots made of sensors and motors installed under the silicon skin.”

The human-like robots have been already lying to us about its personality, believed to exist but does not exist objectively, by not mentioning that there is no shared single cell unit between us and them. The Treachery of images, for example known as This is not a pipe, is a painting by surrealist painter René Magritte. He painted “This is not a pipe” below the image of pipe, which would have been lying if he had put “This is a pipe”. This asks question to us of whether the image we see around us is the real world subject itself or merely an internal perceptual copy of that subject generated by neural processes in our brain.

What if those robots illustrate who they are through reading aloud the list of materials used to build them and how they work?, rather than persuading they are not so different from humans or confessing they are not a human, or even begging us to believe that they are nothing more than a second copy of human’s image.

<Eye and Neck motion Test>

<Face Tracking Test>

-Hand Drawing and 3D Modeling-

<Doodling #1>

<Doodling #2>

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